Herb Greenberg Exits CNBC, Stage Left

Sad day for CNBC, and for me as well: My good friend, neighbor, and sometime CNBC sparring partner friend Herb Greenberg is exiting, stage left. He departed Marketwatch earlier this year — where he was the site’s most consistently interesting and provocative columnist — to start Greenberg Meritz, a boutique equity research firm. Now, however, that new startup gig is taking up so much of his time that he has decided to cease his regular CNBC appearances as well.

I watched Herb struggle with this decision, but, as I told him, I think it’s the right one. Startups take time. And equity research is tough, with you having to be careful not to put out information in advance of what you deliver to paying clients. And, if you’re a pro like Herb, if you can’t talk about what you’re working on, what are you going to talk about on TV?

I’ll miss you Herb, at least on CNBC. But two upsides: Now the parking spot in front of the downtown studio will be open more often, and, more importantly, maybe we can grab lunch more often now than our usual once ever two years or so pace.

(Credit where credit is due: While I have known about this for some time, Barry broke the news.)