Links: Wall Street Geeks, Airlines, Golf, Digital TV, etc.

A bunch of quick links that I have hanging around:

  • Dana White of UFC on it going public: "I don’t need any of the geeks on Wall Street telling me what to do" (YouTube/CNBC)
  • Airlines are at a pricing/cost tipping point (Rick Seaney)
  • Most expensive hospitality package at this year’s U.S. Open in San Diego is $575,000 (!) (SportBusinessJournal)
  • Confusion reigns in digital TV transition, with 30% of respondents to a recent GAO survey saying they’re preparing, despite already having digital TVs (WashPost)
  • Sustaining economic growth is the biggest question for the 21st century (FT/Amazon)
  • Wordcount is too much fun: Who would have though that "conquistador" was so unpopular, or that "fuck" was so far behind "shit"? (Wordcount)
  • Controversy grows over new Speedo swimsuit that has been behind 37 new world records (Bloomberg)
  • World markets need medication for their massive mood swings (Bloomberg/Baum)