Quote of the Day: Ballmer’s Opinion Problem

Quote of the day comes from a WSJ story about Microsoft’s ongoing tussle for Yahoo — most of which is apparently happening inside Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer’s head:

People familiar with the situation said that [delays] have been at least partly attributable to Mr Ballmer, following a regular pattern for the 28-year Microsoft veteran, who has led the company for eight years. The former salesman has a history of shifting his opinion suddenly and sometimes being easily swayed by new data or a new perspective that refutes his existing opinion, these people said.

In recent weeks, Mr Ballmer has appeared to be leaning towards launching a hostile bid for Yahoo and walking away …

Precisely. Ballmer’s vacillating — typical sales-guy behavior — is a big part of the problem here. And, reading between the lines, insiders are laying the groundwork for Ballmer to be the fall guy, whatever happens on this deal.