The Future of the Future of TV Tools

axis I’ve been watching with steady interest the emergence and gestation of web-based video services like Mogulus. While such services won’t let you create CNN-class eye-candy yet, they are getting better ever day, and today’s announcements on Mogulus Pro drive that point home. Some really compelling stuff going on as video online and and over the cable nets are increasingly coming crashing into one another.

The preceding said, TV technology incumbents aren’t giving up. One of the stalwarts of television is Chyron — it dominates the business of on-screen graphics, among other thing — and it today announced a software-as-a-service series of products around its recently-acquired Axis Graphics group. Very cool stuff — now, if only it were way cheaper.

Where is all this going? Well, in the same way that it’s getting increasingly difficult — stylistically and typographically — to tell the difference between pro and edge text content online, the above developments show how the same thing is happening quickly in video media. Tools and technology are blurring the boundary between pro and non-pro media content, as well as making the difference between cable/broadcast and online video utterly blurred. Fascinating stuff.