Interview with a (Fake) Hedge Fund Manager

People outside of financial services are much more fascinating with hedge fund managers than are the rest of us. Like many/most of my readers, having spent an unholy amount of time with hedgies over the years, you realize fairly quickly that they really aren’t that special. Some are smart, some are stupid, some are larcenous, etc. Nevertheless, the outside fascination with such people persists, with them often the deux ex machina of capital markets.

The latest example comes in a series in online literary journal n+1 called "Interviews with a hedge fund manager". Assuming we are meant to believe these interviews are real — a point about which I’m not entirely clear — I’m not convinced. Read this latest one through for yourself, but there are a host of things that ring falsely to me, including word usage (no hedge fund manager says "off-laid" about risk), vocabulary (the number of fund managers who can use "solipsistic" in a cogent sentence is vanishingly small), etc.

Other thoughts?