Does Ben Bernanke Have an Econo-Quote Boy Too?

Great. Ben Bernanke has decided to steal a page from his predecessor and has started coining quotable phrases. Alan Greenspan had "irrational exuberance" and, yes, "infectious greed" to his name, and today Bernanke coins "chaotic unwinding".

Do these Fed chairs have nothing better to do than sit around and come up with this stuff? Or do they have an "econo-quote boy", like Garry Trudeau famously needled George Will decades ago in a classic series of Doonesbury strips?

And if it turns out that Ben likes to hang around writing these trendy speeches in the bathtub like Greenspan did, I’m going to short the dollar, just on principle.


  1. Hmm, “chaotic unwinding” is a bit more malignant than “irrational exuberance.” At least the second one has a potentially happy connotation to it.
    Bernanke has gotten the short end of the stick. His timing coming in has been pretty poor. Greenspan gets the halo, at least temporarily, while we all wonder what Bernanke’s hiding behind the beard (when was the last time we saw any political official with a beard? You’d have to back to C Everett Koop)

  2. “chaotic unwinding”… is that like when my sanyo boombox ate my def leopard cassette tape? because that was a real mess.