Tuesday Night Guide to Financial Criminality

It’s Tuesday, so that means it’s time for the Tuesday Night Guide to Financial Criminality:

  • Things to watch for if you want to avoid being caught, Spitzer-style, by anti-money-laundering technology (TR)
  • JPMorgan’s confidential advice to Barry Diller on how to run a successful insider stock-selling program (Wikileaks)

Good luck, all. And don’t say I never tried to help.


  1. “We’re experiencing a massive de-leveraging event,” said Gina Sanchez, who manages about $4.2 billion for the California Endowment in Los Angeles. “We’re really going to find out who has actually been hedging and who has got too much leverage on. There’s going to be more blowups.”
    All leveraged hedge funds in trouble or feeling big pain.

  2. Paul,
    Thanks for the article about bank snitching.
    now I understand how facebook is actually making money!! IT’s a big government sting operation!!