The Ritholtz/Esquire Indicator

Okay, as I just said to my friend Barry Ritholtz in an IM, when the economically adrift Esquire does a lengthy interview with the uber-bearishrealist Mr. Ritholtz that’s gotta be a great sign of where we’re at in the down market cycle.

I call for a 12% run on the Dow — and, as Barry knows, I mean that in the most loving way possible. So if anyone posts anything mean about Barry I’ll delete it. Be nice.


  1. My own indicator! I Love it.
    And, I don’t disagree with you. As noted on Monday, between the spike in my traffic, and Abby Joseph Cohen getting sacked at GS, it was time to trade from the long side. (but just a trade)

  2. There ya go, Barry — Dow up over 2%!

  3. I don’t know about Ritholtz (and I suspect he takes a nuanced enough view to not be a perma anything), but I’m sick of hearing “Peter Schiff was right” or “Gary Schilling was right” or “Alan Abelson was right” or “James Grant was right.” Those 4 stopped clocks don’t get credit for being “right.” They just always say the same thing and when it happens to be right they pretend they are prescient.