Sneak Peek at Weekend reading

Here is a sneak peek at some links from my weekly Weekend Reading column from over at

  • The next bubble: Business books about the subprime/credit bubble (Los Angeles Times)
  • MIT solar startup aims to beat coal on price (EETimes)
  • Great interview with ex- Treasury Secretary Paul O’Neill (New York Times)
  • Big production plans and June debut for Apple’s next iPhone (Fortune)
  • Fascinating, data-rich paper on the securitization of subprime credit (NY Fed)
  • Spending on Alternative Media Jumps 22% (Advertising Age)


  1. Paul –- also check out this weekend’s Barron’s Electronic Investor column, they just took did a review of the leading news aggregation services and we’re humbled that they favorably compared our new service to Google News and Yahoo! News … went as far as to call newsflashr a “must-have tool for any investor”: