Skype Causing Calling Minutes Decline between China/Taiwan?

Interesting data out on the first decline in recent history in "official" calling minutes between China and Taiwan.

There were 282.2 million voice communication calls from China to Taiwan with a total use time of 784.8 million minutes in 2007, dropping by 21.37% and 10.41%, respectively, from 2006, according to statistics by Taiwan’s National Communications Commission (NCC). This is the first decrease since 1997 (NCC statistics began in 1996), according to industry sources.

Hard not imagine that some of this isn’t due to people using tools like Skype to avoid being part of the easily-tracked Chinese communications grid.

[via Digitimes]


  1. Very interesting. Anything similar going on elsewhere? I would think email and SMS messaging are also playing a role here.

  2. did this skype ban ever prove effective etc. Maybe it was just lifted.