Out All Day. Sorry About the Bear Stearns Thing.

I was out and utterly off the grid today, which apparently led to the Bear Stearns meltdown. Really sorry about that, especially to my friends at Bear.

By way of partial compensation, a quick roundup of some of the better links:

  • Live-blogging Bear Stearns’ really bad day  (Big Picture)
  • Bear Stearns to Get Backing From J.P. Morgan, N.Y. Fed (WSJ.com)
  • Best anagrams for Bear Stearns (FT)
  • A picture of a crash happening (Alea)
  • Ten banks are bankrupt but still trading (Bloomberg)
  • Bear Stearns research roundup (Research Recap)
  • Who traded 55,000 Bear $30 puts Tuesday? (TheStreet.com)