Oracle’s Earnings Miss: They Shoot Tech Stocks, Don’t They?

Unless I’m missing something, Oracle has missed in afterhours. Consensus earnings estimate was $0.30 and the company delivered $0.26. Revenue is a little light too. Stock is down 8% in late trading.

I feel better about my ORCL bearishness this morning on CNBC. I’m heading into meetings, so feel free to add color or corrections.


  1. $0.26 was the GAAP figure. Non-GAAP, which is what the analysts were forecasting, was $0.30 and thus in-line. Revenues however were indeed light.

  2. Paul Kedrosky says:

    Thanks. Earning were at the mid-point of the range, but revenues were light. Maybe not as bad as first seemed. Will all come down to guidance.