More Fun with Bear Stearns Anagrams

Okay, the FT has me wasting time coming up with more fun anagrams for Bears Stearns:

  • Bare Ass Rent
  • Barer Sanest
  • Bears Astern
  • Barest Snare
  • Stabs Nearer
  • Baser Rates
  • Baste Rears


  1. Absent Rears?
    Bra sans Tree?

  2. breast snares?

  3. A few others to consider:
    – How might the credit research firms respond? Beans Raters
    – Can we meld this with the Spitzer story? Bane Arrests or Breasts Near
    – Was it neglect by management (perhaps more apropos during the Jimmy Cayne era)? Absent Rears
    – Fell one “e” short of defining what their capital structure looks like today – Bare Arse Nest