Matt Drudge Loves the Market

The guilty secret of many market analysts is that Matt Drudge breaks business stories. I often see stories first there, which is a constant source of surprise to people — and it feels like it is increasingly the case. So, has Matt become more enamored of the market? I thought I would check as part of another project I’m working on.

Here is, since 2002, the number of days per year on which stories about the stock market have appeared on the Drudge Report. By way of comparison, I have put annualized Dow returns over the same period.


Turns out Matt’s become a stock market fan in the last few years, with last year’s market stories almost triple the number in 2005. He definitely likes the subprime story, but there is no denying there are more stories overall.


Somewhat more seriously, can you make money trading Drudge? Back with those results later.