M&A and Sex

There is a heretofore unexamined connection between big league corporate mergers & acquisitions and sex. Read on for Feedburner founder Dick Costolo’s perspective today:

M&A works in much the same way that 14 yr olds talk about sex. "do you want to?" "do you?" "why do you ask?" "i’m not asking, are you?" etc.

Absolutely — and the above is also cheaper and faster than finding out the same thing by doing an MBA.

[dickc via Twitter]


  1. Spot-on. The other appropriate analogy here is that M&A is just like dating: no one wants you until someone wants you, then everyone wants you.
    Yeah, my day job rocks.

  2. Funny post! Do you find that these decisions are much quicker in start-ups? We’re in the process of acquiring a company now and it took me about 1 week to make the decision.
    The tougher part has just been that they are in a different country, so we’re having to deal with lawyers figuring out how to do it!
    Mystery CEO

  3. Dilbert, Season 2, Episode 7. Watch it…

  4. Paul Kedrosky says:

    You know, I’ve seen both. I’ve seen M&A done quickly _and_ slowly in startups. I sometimes make, pace Mr. C., the analogy that startups are more like teens that any other companies. They are clumsy, naive and fumbling in these carnal matters.

  5. Brent Buckner says:

    And faster and cheaper yet than doing a PhD!

  6. Don’t even get me started about the nonexistent merits of a Ph.D. :-)

  7. shadowspawn says:

    M&A != MBA