linkfest 02/17/08: Portfolio, etc.

Emptying my burgeoning browser tabs:

  • Why this recession will be longer and worse than you think (Portfolio)
  • Rice supplies set to fall to 25-year low (Times)
  • Monthly versus daily data in stock models (SSRN)
  • Lehman sending out email flashes about "strong" liquidity (FT)


  1. Hey Paul,
    Your aliteration is nice and it’s kind of chic to talk about browser tabs, but I stumbled upon a nice solution to your burgeoning browser tabs this weekend. With , you just add a quicklink to your browser that says ‘Read Later’ and click it whenever your on a webpage you want to come back to later.
    Hope it helps.

  2. Paul Kedrosky says:

    Blake — Not trying to be chic. Lots of people had expressed interest in seeing what I was reading in short form, so that’s why I now regularly put reading into link-centric posts.