I Have the Best Readers

I have the best readers out there. I’m not prone to idle praise, but if you thought the discussion that flowed from my "Futures" post here yesterday was thought-provoking and interesting, you should see my email inbox. I am touched and amazed.

You people are, seriously, the best. Thanks.


  1. Yea, I know

  2. And modest too :-)

  3. There comes a time when the thrill is gone and the passion has turned cold. You may be able to occupy your time, but you no longer have a direction to go in or a goal to accomplish. Then you fall back on living in the moment and taking the dog for a walk. If you can’t enjoy the future, make sure you enjoy the present.

  4. Paul Kedrosky says:

    I can confidently say I enjoy the present and the prospects for the future, so I think I’m okay on those two counts.