Google: Touching New Lows

In case no-one’s paying attention, Google hit new a 52-week low today. It traded down to $432.7, or off 3.3%, which makes for a whopping 41% decline from the November 6th stock peak. Stunning stuff.



  1. Care to double down on your beloved GOOG $1,000 price target?

  2. Sigh, I know, I know. Guilty as charged.
    Let’s just say that while I still think GOOG gets there — and trading at 17x forward earnings while gaining share in a market growing 25%/yr strikes me as over-discounted — it’s awfully unlikely it will happen by this summer :-)

  3. The Particle says:

    GOOG will be fair value at $220. Hope it reaches there soon (next 6 months).