Darn, My Weather Channel Bid is Screwed

So much for my $100 bid for The Weather Channel. Looks like there are more people than me that want it, with the NY Times reporting today a lengthy list of better-capitalized companies than me who are in the bidding queue.

Darn. As a weather geek with oodles of programming ideas for a redone Weather Channel, I was really looking forward to my $100 bid sticking.


  1. Weather Channel is one of those sleeper presences. They get massive uniques and visitors and have syndication deals all over the place on and offline. If you consider them a news service, they are one of the biggest on the web and they monetize their pages very well considering the inventory they have available.

  2. Haha–I had to read this twice to understand your meaning. I originally took “better-capitalized companies” to mean those unlike ichat, eHow, and salesforce.com.