China is Building an Airport Every 1.5 Months

China’s planned 97 airports over the next 12 years works out an airport every 1.5 months. Impressive stuff.

More here.


  1. Rich Leska says:

    I think that you mean approximately one airport every 1.5 months.

  2. Yeah, what’s an “airport month”? That doesn’t sound very speedy to me.

  3. Sir Blogs A Lot says:

    This can’t be right:
    The United States of America, besides having the numero uno rank in many aspects of the world, holds the record for being the country with the largest number of airports. On an estimate, the number of airports in the United States is around the figure of 148001. The enormity of this figure could be very well enunciated by the fact that the top ten countries with respect to the number of airports could not jointly match up to meet the number of airports that the United States has.

  4. there is a difference between a small facility and a commercial class airport. the 97 figure is probably for commercial service airports or their equivelants.