Brazil Powers Ahead

A longer and more ruminative post later, but in all my discussions here in Brazil the thing that comes through most clearly is of a country in a convincing and continuing economic break-out. A transition to a stable democracy combined with a more entrepreneurial economy and more sophisticated investors, plus an increasingly enlightened and business-friendly regulatory structure, not to mention a more functional capital market and clean tech boom, and slowing inflation, have laid the ground work for continuing expansion.

It has been a remarkable ride, as the MSCI Brazil ETF shows over the last five years. While it won’t be free from bumps, there is much to be optimistic about what is happening here.



  1. Joao T. da Costa says:

    I’m afraid you are being excessively optimistic. It’s true that we have had a degree of stability, but I do not see this entrepreneurial economy you are talking about. Taxes and bureaucracy are still excessive, regulation is capricious and corrupt, and average Brazilians want a civil service job and an early pension more than anything else in life.