Behind the Scenes on a Mortgage Scam

Some deliriously mad stuff went on in California mortgage scams recently busted up  by the AG office:

If consumers questioned the paperwork she tried to get them to sign, Paulette Pony would falsely represent to consumers that her boss, often identified as Eric Pony, would fix “errors” in the paperwork or would give them other favorable terms. (Id.) Paulette would even cross out and correct the interest rates and interlineate them with the favorable rates promised. (Woodcock Dec., ¶ 10.) In many cases Paulette would even have Eric Pony, or a person she identified as her “boss” speak directly with consumers on the telephone to verify the promised terms. (Woodcock Dec., ¶ 10.) Despite these actions and promises, consumers were not give the favorable rates or terms interlienated or promised. (Woodcock Dec., ¶ 24.) Paulette Pony was also involved in the forgeries of consumers’ signatures. (Declaration of Barbara Fitzgerald (B. Fitzgerald Dec.), ¶7,8 (victim was home bedridden, never signed any documents for Lifetime and never met Paulette Pony who purported to notarize her signature).) Following the forgery of this signature, on May 10, 2007, Paulette Pony wrote a letter to the Secretary of State claiming the following: “Please be advised that on Easter weekend our home was burglarized and among the things taken was my Notary Journal Book (2006).”

Case also involved a seizing a passel of fine motorcars, including a BMW, a Mercedes, a Land Rover, a Ferrari, etc. None of those, of course, belonged to the largely non-English-speaking scammed homeowners.

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  1. barry woodcock says:

    why am i having such a hard time finding an attorny to help me is it becuz i live so far in northern calif. please give me names ph.# to some good attorneys barry woodcock . aka plaintif against eric pony thanks paul