Bear Stearns: The Lawyers are Buying Ads

With Bear Stearns investors peeved at the buyout price, lawyers are already out buying Google ads against Bear Stearns’ ticker searches. Granted, it won’t offset the revenue decline from decreased ad spending by financial services sorts, but it’s still remarkable how quickly the legal piranhas have shown up online to "save" Bear Stearns shareholders.


Thanks Kyle!


  1. Sharks in the roiling waters save a function.
    In this case, it’s to serve as a reminder to people who play fast and loose with other peoples’ money that there can be dire consequences.
    They may or may not “save” Bear Stearns investors. But they’ll sure as hell make the people who most directly created this mess wish they hadn’t played Wild Man’s Bluff. (No, that’s not a typo.) And maybe the next generation of people who play around with other peoples’ money will be a little more careful.
    Don’t stop the lawyers. Sharpen their teeth!
    Crankily yours,
    The New York Crank