And in Other News … Snow in Ottawa

Much of my family lives in Ottawa, Canada, and so now and then I like to check a live webcam across the street from Parliament Hill. Mid-winter it can be lovely, with snow all around and the Canadian flag streaming with the Gatineau hills behind; mid-summer it’s even nicer, with a verdant lawn on a gorgeous cliff overlooking the Ottawa River.

Today, however, it’s March 8th, and there is a walloping snow storm going on in Ottawa, one that produced the following view of the Peace Tower, as if through a contracting lens:


Not to make people there feel bad, but it’s a lovely day here in La Jolla, as you can see from the live webcam at the top of nearby Mount Soledad:


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  1. ryan says:

    That bottom pick looks smoggy. Yuck. I bet you the air is much cleaner on sussex drive ;)

  2. Mark says:


  3. EC says:

    Hmm, living in Ottawa, that’s just what I was thinking…boy, it sure looks smoggy in that bottom picture!
    I sure wouldn’t want to be somewhere warm. Without snow. Or frostbite. Right. :(
    You know why Ottawa looks clear (when it’s not snowing)??? Cause the smog is frozen, just like everything else!