Alberta Tar Sands From Space

Eye-popping picture of the Alberta tar sands from space. Truly a scar on the face of planet.



  1. 278×214 doth not qualify as eye-popping. The image resolution needs to be about 2000 pixels wider and higher to be eye-popping. Right now it’s eye-squinting :-)

  2. Ah, clicking on the link and then zooming around in Google Maps is way more eyepopping than clicking on the image. I sit corrected. :-)

  3. Try pulling up New Jersey.
    Uglier, more polluted, probably less useful.

  4. Andy Nelson says:

    Check out in-situ heavy oil production further south near Cold Lake. Steam injection is used rather than strip mining. Much less scarring.,-110.569496&spn=0.087077,0.31929&z=12

  5. How much area does this take up? I think they have just as large mines in New Guinea…