Uber-Investor Jim Rogers and Me

I meant to mention this sooner, but not long ago, courtesy of the fine folks at Yahoo’s new Tech Ticker program, I had a once-in-a-lifetime chance to do an epochal interview with super-investor Jim Rogers. Why epochal? Because we conducted it in his gorgeous house on the Upper West Side of New York, with ready-for-movers boxed household goods all around, everything in the house labeled in Chinese, mere days before Jim Rogers relocated from the U.S. to Singapore.

It was a fascinating and elegiac moment. And here is a clip:


  1. Paul, did Rogers say what he was paying for a new place in Singapore, and how that reflects on their real estate market?

  2. Holy crap. Bought it for $107,000 in 1976 and sold it for $15.75-million. That’s a nice return :-)

  3. Hope Jim doesn’t like chewing gum. Its a crime in Singapore.

  4. Jim Rogers interview by Paul Kedrosky, Yahoo Finance, week of February 1, 2008.
    Investor Jim Rogers on knowledge of the start of the Iraq/Iran war.
    “Somebody knew that Iraq and Iran were going to war.”
    Brzezinski knew when the Iraq/Iran war would start.
    Likely others in the Carter administration knew this too.

  5. Wow, that must have really been an interesting experience. Is there anymore of this interview online (in text or video), Paul?