Two Favorite Money:Tech Quotes

Off the top of my head, two of my favorite Money:Tech quotes:

  • I gave away all the profits to charities, which is my understanding of what hedge funds do.
  • Aren’t people who don’t want to maximize their income not to be trusted?

Sources: 1) Stony Brook computer scientist Steve Skiena on his gains from gaming jai-alai markets;

               2) Me, talking to VCs about financial technology startups.

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  1. aaron wall says:

    Do you not trust Tim Berners-Lee? How many people would have read your quote or heard you say it in person without Tim deciding to forego maximizing his income?

  2. I hesitate to say this, because you may be joking, but I was, of course, having a little fun with VCs at their own expense.

  3. aaron wall says:

    I could tell the first one was humor so I should have realized the second one was too. Reading too many blogs too quick. Sorry on that :)
    I think I am a bit more jaded than most because as an internet marketer I…
    - hear advice like “just steal their ad copy”
    - see people who once claimed moral superiority start recommending everything with an affiliate program
    - see Google’s gmail deliver my wife ads for finding lonely cheating housewives because she just emailed a friend saying she was happily married (all the while they talk about how bad it is to buy or sell links that influence PageRank)
    - see people resell my information product for 10% the original price without permission
    - one of my affiliates went so far as running an ad claiming that I am a scam to draw clicks on his ad so he can get a cut on people searching for my name or my brand and draw them to his entirely fake review of my product
    - entire mid-level ad networks destroyed by cookie dropping scams
    - people who make millions of dollars off of ringtone reverse billing fraud call the practice a scam after their margins drop off
    Many of the income maximizing techniques for online marketers are super dirty.