The Real Problem with Google Adsense for Video? Online Video

The real problem with the newly launched Google Adsense for video isn’t with Google Adsense for video — it’s that online video sucks. Most original online video content isn’t just bad — that would be fine, because I like bad: I even like VH-1’s Scott Baio is 46 and Pregnant (only for the soundtrack, of course) — it is lifespan-reducingly awful. There are too many ill-groomed, strangely perspiring and ill-lit people listing toward me out of the screen while stationed in front of creepily-domestic backdrops and reading — reading!! — from material that sounds like it was written by lawyers on downers.

Someone who agrees with me here, so he must be smart.


  1. You mean all video except that on right?

  2. has videos? 😉

  3. The problem isn’t the talent, there’s tons of talent out there. The problem is the money, how do you monetize? The talent follows the money and right now, TV and movies have the moola and the internet doesn’t. Once a micropayments system is deployed, the money will be there and the talent will come running in droves. As for the initial topic, ads are a dumb idea and all the video ad peddlers are going to learn that the hard way.

  4. I have to agree. Most of the video on Google Adsense for video is not worth waisting your time watching. This being the case, it certainly is not fair to blame Google’s newly launched initiative, but rather the people who are creating the video. Hopefully will begin to see improvement, but until then I do not see it being very successful.