The Subprime Predators’ Other Ball

There was a story in last weekend’s press about a securitization event in Las Vegas that seemed notable mostly for its forlorn absence of excess. The real fun in the securitization and subprime conference area looks like it will come in early March with events like this:

Mealey’s Subprime-Backed Securities Litigation Conferencesubprime-litigation
The Harvard Club, New York
Thursday, March 6, 2008

How you will benefit

  • Master the concepts behind CDOs and other mortgage-backed securities
  • Understand the problems relating to today’s structured finance and resulting credit crises
  • Look inside the mortgage industry, its underwriting, risk analysis procedures and loan approval technology
  • Get up-to-date on who is suing whom and the status of the recent wave of securities complaints
  • Learn the key elements necessary for proving or disproving fraud and negligent misrepresentation
  • Find out what to look for when it comes to disclosures, disclaimers and limitations on standing
  • Learn the role played by rating agencies, insurers and the feds
  • Acquire the skills necessary to successfully prosecute or defend mortgage-backed securities suits

With Jim Grant speaking at lunch, and lawyer salivatings to get at mortgage lenders, this should truly be the subprime predators’ other ball.


  1. Paul,
    I am interested in the topic of subprime related litigation. I think the ramifications will be greater, from a financial and legislative perspective, than Enron was. Are you aware of any other conferences like the one referenced above?