Sneak Peek at Weekend Reading

Here is a sneak peek at some links from my weekly Weekend Reading column over at

  • Loew’s Joe Rosenberg on the Microsoft-Yahoo deal’s bad numbers (Fortune)
  • Auto dealers preparing for rough times as they are in San Francisco for major convention (S.F. Chronicle)
  • The effect of a recession on oil prices (EIA)
  • Idle speculation out there about a $75/share deal for Salesforce by Oracle (SVW)
  • Top schools bought interest-rate swaps without ever knowing the prices, with millions in subsequent losses (Bloomberg)
  • People who drive fast tend to trade too much too (New York Times)
  • What’s in a (domain) name? Some serious cash (
  • Typically excellent installment of Investment Postcards (IPFTW)
  • If you only read one paper on subprime this week/month/year, read this one (Reinhart/Rogoff)
  • Goldman Sachs foots bill for employee sex-change surgery. Good for avoiding pissed CDO syndicate members. (NY Post)
  • Ten reasons why $100 oil prices are too high (BreakingViews)