Microsoft/Yahoo: Good for Google, Ok for Yahoo, Bad for Microsoft

In case you haven’t looked, it’s useful to scan how Google, Microsoft, and Yahoo respective shares have done since the proposed Microsoft/Yahoo news came out. Once you net out the the initial Yahoo post-news bump, here is what you get:


Put textually, what’s good for Yahoo is better for Google — and crummy for Microsoft.


  1. Paul,
    Why did you “net out” initial post-news bump?
    You should consider it as part of investors’ judgment on the Microsoft/Yahoo deal.

  2. Yup, no surprises here, Paul. Though you’ve used actual numbers I portrayed my sense of the playground dynamics earlier today Happy watching – and don’t forget the popcorn.

  3. Yes this is valid analysis because no other news came out about any of these companies .

  4. I am definitely not surprised by the results of this analysis. Despite all of the reports that this groundbreaking merger could potentially negatively impact Google, as this clearly shows, it is in fact helping Google and hurting Microsoft. It’s rather foreboding sign when shares are decreasing as a major change is on the horizon.