Microsoft/Yahoo: Data on Properties vs Search Traffic

While I’ve argued that a combined Microsoft & Yahoo won’t have much impact in search, there’s no denying that it will create a daunting content/pageview property. Data on both follows.

First, here is the current search market breakdown. As you can see, a combined Yahoo/Microsoft is still less than half the size of Google.

More interesting, however, is the list of Microsoft/Yahoo properties, including category ranking and share. The combined companies would lead in a host of categories, from email (there’s gotta be something wrong with the following share data), to finance, to sports, to movies, with only maps as the Google holdout.

[via Hitwise]


  1. I can’t believe Gmail is only at the 5%-level.

  2. Mail is weird because of multiple accounts. I still have a Yahoo! Mail account, but it’s forwarded to Gmail and I never ever visit Don’t see how they could reflect this reality in the stats, but it exists.

  3. The stats are based on people visiting the sites. So your Yahoo account wouldn’t be included. Gmail is small in the US.

  4. Apart from search and advertising platform, where this gets interesting for me is:
    1) Microsoft Live and Yahoo combining to take on Google Apps. Yahoo will allow Microsoft to drop the horrible naming conventions they’ve always struggled with and rebrand it. Maybe even create a coherent strategy.
    2) Licensing of Yahoo Maps, Calendar and other “Web 2.0” services. Microsoft has a strong developer presence. Both Yahoo and Microsoft have largely ignored the consumer and enterprise mashup market. Maybe have a tie-in to a Google-Apps-Killer platform.

  5. Yahoo has been around a lot longer so their share of mail doesn’t surprise me. People normally only change if they have a problem.

  6. Yahoo email has become a huge home to spammers — that number does not surprise me

  7. Don’t forget, Google has incorporated so many features into their search, the category-specific numbers above may not take them into account. For example, I use Google for movies (search for ‘movies’ and your zip code), sports scores, etc. They don’t have a movies portal, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t have movies functionality.

  8. Yeah Yeah. It is obviously about Google… NOT!
    Actually, more about Facebook it seems.