Love-Letter to Yahoo

Now and then it’s fun to read the comments on the NY Times’ blogs. Here is one from the Bits blog by someone blaming Yahoo for the decline of Western Civilization — and it has sparked a mini-furor:

Yahoo is on its last legs. And good riddance. While the internet is now turning into what it was invitable it would become–nothing but a forum for junky business and illiterate bloggers–yahoo has contributed to the rapid decline of mediocrity that is the hallmark of the United States of stupid people. The transition to News Corp would be a final decline into the abyss of nothingness from which it will,hopefully, never recover. Google is slighter better, but promotes the same mediocrity. It was a great shame that the internet was not, and is not, confined only to academics, and only serious ones at that. Mediocrity is the hall mark of the United States, and the internet has helped the American populace to decline to the last stages of degradiation of all that was beautiful, intellectual and moral. If there were a god, it would have designed the internet because of its ability to turn a slightly literate populace a into totally brain dead sub-human blob of shivering jelley.

Admittedly, this sort of thing is an acquired taste.


  1. Motts McGregor says:

    Jelley! Hilarious!

  2. I’ve acquired the taste, please give me a second helping of this!