linkfest 02/22/08: "Headwinds", China Costs, Stagflation, XLQ, etc.

Emptying my burgeoning browser tabs:

  • Searching for "headwinds" in financial filings (SEC Edgar)
  • China’s manufacturing costs are up big (depending on whether you buy the source) (American Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai)
  • Fun stagflation/1970s quote (Big Picture)
  • New version out of the excellent Excel stock analysis add-in XLQ (XLQ)
  • Telling more than we can know: Classic paper on why we’re all not be trusted (Nisbett)


  1. modesty ??? says:

    The ever-modest Barry Ritholtz is now quoting himself …… he’s becoming a caricature of himself … pretty soon he’ll have a Madame Tussaud wax-statue of himself accompany him on every TV interview so that someone will agree with him , or at least laugh at his jokes

  2. An interesting search engine at SEC. It helps but is still lacking. It’s kind of keyword 1.5 search rather than conceptual search (autonomy) it claims to be: loaded in “management change and share repurchase and fourth quarter” and like most engines multiple concepts are not found–it appears the engine can only find one concept at a time…I suppose some progress is good but leaves room for improvement. Then again, it is probably just user error on my part :-)