linkfest 02/22/08: "Headwinds", China Costs, Stagflation, XLQ, etc.

Emptying my burgeoning browser tabs:

  • Searching for "headwinds" in financial filings (SEC Edgar)
  • China’s manufacturing costs are up big (depending on whether you buy the source) (American Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai)
  • Fun stagflation/1970s quote (Big Picture)
  • New version out of the excellent Excel stock analysis add-in XLQ (XLQ)
  • Telling more than we can know: Classic paper on why we’re all not be trusted (Nisbett)

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  1. modesty ??? says:

    The ever-modest Barry Ritholtz is now quoting himself …… he’s becoming a caricature of himself … pretty soon he’ll have a Madame Tussaud wax-statue of himself accompany him on every TV interview so that someone will agree with him , or at least laugh at his jokes

  2. Peter says:

    An interesting search engine at SEC. It helps but is still lacking. It’s kind of keyword 1.5 search rather than conceptual search (autonomy) it claims to be: loaded in “management change and share repurchase and fourth quarter” and like most engines multiple concepts are not found–it appears the engine can only find one concept at a time…I suppose some progress is good but leaves room for improvement. Then again, it is probably just user error on my part :-)