Google: iPhone 50x the Searches of Next Mobile Device

Fascinating factoid from the FT earlier this week: The iPhone is the source of 50x the searches of any other mobile device.

Google on Wednesday said it had seen 50 times more searches on Apple’s iPhone than any other mobile handset, adding weight to the group’s confidence at being able to generate significant revenues from the mobile internet.

“We thought it was a mistake and made our engineers check the logs again,” Vic Gundotra, head of Google’s mobile operations told the Financial Times at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

If the trend continues and other handset manufacturers follow Apple’s lead in making web access easy, the number of mobile searches will overtake fixed internet searches “within the next several years”, Mr Gundotra said.


  1. Does anybody care about google using this massive store of search data (= proprietary real time consumer preference stream) to impact internal product development in other markets?

  2. no

  3. I’ve owned half a dozen phones in the past with internet access, and getting to Google’s search page was a pain with all of them. Even on my blackberry pearl with Google apps loaded on it, I only used the search a handful of times when I was truly and completely lost.
    With my iPhone, I hit up google several times a week on it since it’s always there in the address bar and surfing an iPhone is much easier than a blackberry.

  4. AAPL’s current iPhone user base is not a representative group – they are willing to pay premium for design, mostly reside in urban areas and more receptive to new tech propositions. and no, mobile search will not be the future killer app – not before mobile platform and privacy concern are solved. Even that, remember that America is a car country – they do not have the time to browse while driving.