Google: Algorithm Change to Tweak Results?

Google is apparently launching some algorithm changes that may have an impact on upcoming results. Here’s an analyst at RBC Capital Markets:

Details about the algorithm change are not complete, but he says it appears that Google is extending its broad match algorithm with "Automatic Matching." Acc to an email sent to advertisers, Automatic Matching "extends an advertiser’s campaign reach by using surplus budget to serve ads on relevant search queries that are not already triggered by the advertiser’s keyword list." Essentially, Google is adding keywords to certain campaigns to increase the total number of clicks that an advertiser generates, tapping unspent budget and increasing overall spend.

Get that? If you don’t use up all your ad spend with your current keywords, Google is apparently planning to make changes to give you some more impressions via related keywords. Interesting idea, and, while it should help results, it will do nothing to disabuse Google bears of the idea that ad buying is somewhat soft right now.