Further Fuel for the Online Ad Bulls

A new IDC report provides further fuel for we online ad bulls:

A new IDC study of consumer online behavior found that the Internet is the medium on which online users spend the most time (32.7 hours/week). This is equivalent to almost half of the total time spent each week using all media (70.6 hours), almost twice as much time as spent watching television (16.4 hours), and more than eight times as much time as spent reading newspapers and magazines (3.9 hours).

With most companies allocation to online badly lagging their allocation to television and print, it’s hard not to be convinced there is more ad budget re-allocation ahead of us.


  1. Paul, I can tell you that we’ve seen a dramatic re-allocation of small-cap IR budgets to the web. Print and direct mail are taking the biggest beatings right now because this group wasn’t ever a serious TV player.
    The shift has been dramatic, with a lot of the funds going towards search engine programs to find new shareholders. With Google use rising so rapidly, we are simply telling clients “You use Google to find things everyday, now start using Google to be found.”
    Light bulb goes on, contract gets signed.