Consumer Electronics Holiday Sales: 2007 vs 2006

To expand on a point in an earlier post, here is NPD data showing year-over-year differences across various consumer electronics categories in the recent holiday selling season. As you will see, GPS products have gone through the roof, but MP3 players and digital cameras are in decline. And it’s worth noting that, overall, 2007 holiday spending was only up marginally over 2006.


[via NPD]

And on a semi-related note, I see that Sharper Image filed for bankruptcy protection today, GPS-maker Garmin is blowing the roof off with its results. It’s always to be in consumer electronics, as long as you’re in the right part of the business, of course.


  1. I was in a Sharper Image in NY in Dec. It was like being in a Radio Shack – in 1983. And I think a tumbleweed rolled by at one point. The clerks were – really – skateboarding through the store.