Advertising: Online Ad Spend by Industry (Jan 2008)

Here is the latest online ad spending breakdown, by industry, as of January of 2008. It’s definitely something that makes you go hmmmm, and not necessarily because of the continuing high spending by financial services outfits.

[via MarketingCharts]


  1. Paul, thanks for posting this.
    Maybe you can help me with something. These numbers when added up appear to be much smaller than the IDC report that US online ad spending was 7.3B in Q4 ’07?
    Is there a massive long-tail of spending going on beneath these biggest listed industries in places like AdSense? Does that mean that the long tail is accounting for more spending than the industry leaders? Or is Q1 simply that much lower in spending than say Q2 or Q4?

  2. Hey, Paul.
    I would think that in addition to differences in spend between Q4 and Q1, the variance also has to do with Nielsen’s taking into account only image-based ads and those sold on a CPM basis–and not paid search, text units, sponsorship, email, etc. Check out the original MarketingCharts post:

  3. The huge financial services spend could mean trouble if this credit crunch gets worse.