Yahoo: Layoffs Non-Denial Denial

I love corporate speak way too much. Here (via PaidContent) is Yahoo doing a non-denial denial of recent rumors that it is set to shortly layoff as much as 20% of its staff:

Yahoo! has embarked on a multi-year transformation that includes making tough decisions about the business to help the company grow. Yahoo! has focused its efforts to support its strategy to become the indispensable starting point for consumers, advertisers, publishers and developers. Yahoo! plans to invest in some areas, reduce emphasis in others, and eliminate some areas of the business that don’t support the Company’s priorities. Yahoo! continues to attract and hire talent against the company’s key initiatives to create long-term stockholder value.

The shorter version:

We’re shutting down some struggling groups. Major layoffs are imminent. We reserve the right to hire people hire and there in other places.


  1. Reading that denial and your translation gave me a great idea. All corporate press releases should in the future be released via Twitter, and be forced to comply with the 140-character limit.
    I used to see Twitter as the pinnacle of blogosphere Web 2.0 pointlessness, but everything on this earth must have some sort of use. I think this could be it.