Updated: List of Steve Jobs Keynote Live Blogs

An update on my post yesterday of some of the best live blogs covering Apple CEO Steve Jobs’ keynote at 9am PST (in  55 minutes):

Note that both Crunchgear and Fake Steve Jobs are using CoveritLive, which I have mentioned before in this space. To be somewhat meta, the more I track this, the more I’m interested in this, less as a product launch, than as an example of new Web 2.0 media at work.

Update: Ah, the Jobs-ian frenzy has taken down CoveritLive! Too bad for Keith & Co., but this is, after all, an uber-Digg event, almost impossible to scale for properly. Everyone’s back to the old way of doing things. I’m tracking most on MacRumors Live.

Update^2: Looks like Twitter has also gone down. Apparently a Steve Jobs keynote is a hundred-year traffic storm for the interweb.