Sobering News from Om Malik

Sobering news from my friend Om Malik of GigaOm fame has slowed me down today. Om has, at age 41, had a heart attack.

Get well soon, my friend. I have been feeling your recent absence, even without knowing the cause. And if you come back to blogging before I give you permission, I’ll be at your door to take away your MacBook. Seriously.

On a more personal note, before even knowing much about me, other than the blog, Om tracked me down at a conference years ago and brought me into clubby Valley circles. He is the best, with a heart — no humor intended — bigger than all outdoors.


  1. Paul, that last anecdote affirms something I have felt having seem Om on video and having read his material before. I didn’t realize he was just 8 years older than I

  2. First, it goes without saying that we are all glad to here that Om is going to pull through.
    Second, this has to serve as a wake up call for everybody that spends too much time on the web. It’s hard because we all love what we do and things move so fast that it is difficult to turn away.
    More than just lip service, I actually took the step yesterday of setting a daily fitness goal and tracking it via a simple spread sheet. Yes, I know there are some online tracking programs but the irony was too much to handle.
    My daily routine is any combination of weight lifting (reps), cardio (minutes), stretching (minutes) and calisthenics (reps) that must total a minimum of 300 reps/minutes everyday. I can hit the goal through any combination I feel like on a particular day. This way, I don’t have to spend time setting up routines or getting bored of them – a real killer of best fitness intentions.
    Why 300? The 300 Spartans (hey, I’m Greek). In February I’ll increase my daily total to 400, 500 in March, etc.
    I’m 39 years old and in good shape relative to most men my age – but my ratio of web:fitness time was rising dramatically and had to be corrected.
    For any of you that are in the same boat, feel free to use my system. You’ll feel great and you’re never too far from your laptop because you make your data entries at the end of every segment!
    PK, you can check out my progress at Money:Tech.

  3. “we are all glad to HERE..” Ugh. Sorry about that…glad to hear Om is going to pull through.

  4. I certainly hope all is well with Om and this leads to a full recovery. There’s no insurance nowadays for a stress free life. This is a wake up call for all of us. Thanks for posting.

  5. Paul:
    I am sorry to hear this. I hope he gets well soon. Many of my friends are from his alma mater, St Stephen’s, in India and more than a few know him well…
    It may interest you to know that not one but two stalwarts, Dewang Mehta and Sunil Mehta (I think, the latter I did not know), of NASSCOM – the Indian IT Industry Lobby Group died in their early 40s.
    Indians are predisposed to cardiac disease and weight-gain and obesity related co-morbidities. However we all wait for an ‘event’ to happen before we make lifestyle changes. The sedentary nature of the IT industry in the valley – getting up and moving about to the accompaniment of canapes and drinks – only adds to this genetic cocktail.
    Increasingly, in the Indian blogosphere, young bloggers are complaining of stress, exhaustion and related lifestyle issues. Of course, a minuscule proportion actually blogs so it is hard to estimate the scale of the problem but it would not be minuscule itself. I also sometimes write on the Indian Economy blog and my health related posts there were often criticised for not being related to the economy! I wonder if this IT boom is really doing wonders for a population predisposed to such problems.
    Sadly Om is the poster boy of this industry to many Indians and I hope this news will be reflected upon widely.