Over/Under on the Dow Close Today

I have a just-for-fun over/under bet with my friend Barry — who has up a typically lucid and compelling analysis of the Fed’s actions this morning — that, regardless of where you think things go in the next weeks, the Dow ends today in the green. He, being a more ursine sort, has taken the other side of the bet.

So far, after getting close to break-even, with it only down 50 a short while ago, the Dow has turned tail and is tanking again. It’s looking bad for for me and for the Plunge Protection Team.

Update: I lost. Dow down about 136 looks like it will be the final. Darn. Ritholtz will be insufferable.


  1. I vote for down 125 on the dow….

  2. I want to know what DocDoc’s stock picks are.
    Prediction: the Dow will be up on the week. Even with AAPL’s “weak” earnings.