Mogulus: Future of Live TV?

While a few hundred bloggers crammed into a Bellagio suite at the so-called Bloghaus during CES in Las Vegas might strike a cynic as more like scary reality TV than new journalism, there is still undeniably something new and deeply fascinating about how easy and inexpensive it has become to do live remotes from breaking events. Services like Mogulus let you deliver things for free — like a worldwide live video broadcast, even a mobile one, with multiple geographically-separate participants — that broadcast and cable TV still ration out in drip-drip fashion.

Fascinating stuff.

Update: Just to be clear, because I’ve gotten a few emails on this, but I know about, uStream, Stickam, and the like. In the above comment I was partly highlighting this whole class of live video services, using Mogulus us as example, but there are admittedly some uniquely appealing things about Mogulus. Most importantly, at least from my point of view, it lets you think like a show producer/director, with two-enders, crawls, and other such necessary arcana of “real” TV newly possible on the cheap.


  1. It’s good to see Mogulus getting some love. I really like the feature set, and while there are some areas of improvement, for more formal, broadcast style video, Mogulus is up there. One of my concerns about adopting it has been a fear that it won’t cross that usage threshold in a pretty crowded space. Hopefully the current attention will help in that direction.

  2. I was impressed by Mogulus embedded. In less time than it takes to make a cuppa instant I had the CES broadcast in a page I’d lashed up. And discovered immediately that there was a lovely little Chat module in the bottom 1/3 of the screen. (One thing: why is “Stop Player” tucked away in the Menu? What’s wrong with a Pause icon? Maybe I missed it.)
    But here’s why I’m commenting: in a nice little item on “Mashups w/DekiWiki, David Fletcher mad use of “Viddler”. News to me!

  3. I’d say stuff like and possible in the future once they get their streaming right are more down the line. This stuff has to be mobile. Then we have live tv. I blogged ages ago about journalists not being first on the scene anymore, but with live streaming from your nokia n95 … boy oh boy, stuff will be changing.