linkfest – 01/03/08

Emptying my burgeoning browser tabs this morning. I’ll add as the day goes on:

  • Oil Hits $100, Jolting Markets (WSJ)
  • 13 Things You Wish You’d Known in 2007 (TheStreet/Barry)
  • 20 stock market surprises for 2008 (TheStreet/Kass)
  • Research: Real estate has lot further to fall (Barry)
  • Newfangled stock-trading service Thinkorswim grows into Canada (does anyone here use it?)  (
  • Shares of alt-asset managers like Blackstone and Fortress are still too expensive (breakingviews)


  1. I use ThinkorSwim. Just switched over from Etrade about a month ago. So far ive been pretty happy, take some time getting used to. I have to use the web based app mostly since cant use the software from work, but its well organized and has good option layout. I like it better than etrade. I can do forex, commodities, options and equities pretty much from the same account really easily and fairly cheaply. Downisde is the customer service, they are real nice but when I call I feel like they are short staffed. I get the answering machine fairly often.
    They also send you a monkey in the mail (stuffed one of course)