linkfest – 01/28/08

Catching up and emptying my burgeoning browser tabs:

  • Metal-workers versus ballerinas (NY Times)
  • Tentpegs of the World, Unite! (Underbelly)
  • Tiger’s Julian Robertson roars again (Fortune)
  • Why Ben Stein is best ignored (DealBreaker)
  • Reuters launches Stock Buzz (Reuters)
  • Latest John Mauldin missive has great graphs (John Mauldin)
  • Whoa, dude, it’s a recession! (YouTube)
  • Extreme value theory and defaults versus recovery rates (Imperial College)
  • Nifty new Mac-based task manager coming (Things)


  1. Well, Reuters didn’t “launch” Stock Buzz – they slapped some co-branding on top of Social Picks. Will be cool to see how the partnership works out.
    MSN is already using a co-branded version of’s CAPS service.