iPhone: Boon to Google, Yahoo, etc.

There are some interesting, if not entirely surprising, factoids in a NY Times piece tonight. It seems that traffic from Apple’s iPhone to major websites like Google and Yahoo is growing faster than anyone expected, to the point that over Christmas iPhone traffic to Google exceeded that from any other mobile device — despite iPhone having only 2% market share.

Why the iPhone traffic effect? Because Apple’s iPhone has the first mobile browser to genuinely not suck. And beyond not sucking, iPhone’s browser is actually darn nice to work with, so good that people actually use it on mobile devices without feeling like they are inserting hot probes under their fingernails.

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  1. Mark Evans says:

    I’m still waiting for the Blackberry to launch a “non-sucky” browser.

  2. Anthony says:

    Actually nokia n800 has a nice browser – MicroB (Mozilla) or Opera on a 800×480 screen.
    I actually think the killer feature of the iphone is the data rate they have as a part of the bundle.
    I’d use my nokia more – but I don’t want an $85,000 cell phone bill.