First Full MacBook Air Review

A good chunk of the Apple growth story going forward — doubly so in this lower-growth iPod era — is about the company’s Macintosh. In particular, it’s going to require real innovation and growth in Apple Macs, like the Macbook Air, the supermodel-thin new ultraportable Apple launched a week or so ago.

The first full review is out, and it comes from the WSJ’s Walt Mossberg. His verdict? It’s a qualified strong verdict, sort of an 8/10 with a couple of large asterisks and footnotes. Read the whole thing.


  1. Three quarters of the column is devoted to the Airbook’s lack of features and he gives it an 8/10? I notice he pans the EEE as well. Why do people take this guy seriously?
    Fun fact: One could buy 4 EEEs for the price of one Macbook Air and still have money left over.

  2. Mossberg’s rating system is a little like the opposite of Spinal Tap’s amps. It doesn’t go below 8.

  3. what mossberg didn’t give it a 10? wha happen? Pogue get his review unit first?

  4. Ah, you’re a mean one, Dutch. Hell hath no fury like a star reviewer who gets second stringer status.

    I’m a design student majoring in Graphic design. And I’m going to have a course on making videos soon. So I’ll be using programs like Photoshop, iMovies, Final Cut Pro, Illustrator etc. (but no 3D stuffs though).
    Will the Macbook Air be too slow for my movie making? Cos I’m advised to get an extra hard disk of 7200rpm. So i’m wondering if the laptop’s inbuilt specs does affect even if i use an extra high speed hard disk?
    And does anyone know if the MacBook Air be available for Ram upgrading in future? (perhaps up to a 4gb?)
    Lastly, I heard theres gonna be a new MacBook Pro? Is that true