First Fox Business Network Ratings Data

The initial ratings for the newly launched business network are … crummy. According to new Nielsen’s data, about 6,300 people are, on average, watching Fox Business Network on any given day. Nielsen’s relevant figure for CNBC is something like 283,000.

Granted, Fox doesn’t have CNBC’s breadth of cable distribution, but the difference is, I think, considerably more stark than many of us expected. I’ll be nice about this, and certainly not make any wisecracks about blog traffic versus Fox viewership, but it’s a big difference — which is too bad. Because, and I should be clear about this, I wanted FBN to innovate more, compete effectively and generally cause trouble.

So far, that hasn’t happened. But hey, maybe Fox will now do what I initially suggested and stream live over the web.

obDisclosure: I appear now and then on CNBC, so I’m horribly biased, unable to read Nielsen’s data, etc.


  1. … or they could do just-in-time animation of the Simpson’s/family guy/american dad anchoring. I’d watch that, and it writes itself!

  2. Jerry Peter says:

    I vote for Cody Williard’s show Happy Hour as the worst show in the history of television.

  3. 6,300? That number looks like it’s missing a decimal place. Ouch!

  4. Why am I not surprised. Fox News is complete bullshit. Why would their Business Network be any better?