Colbert Report: Bizarre Interview with Lou Dobbs

This has to rank up there as one of the strangest moments in recent television history. We have Comedy Central’s Stephen Colbert, playing off-kilter right-wing talkshow host "Stephen Colbert", who in turn is playing Esteban, himself some sort of Colbert-created Mexican talkshow show, interviewing CNN host Lou "Stronger U.S. Borders" Dobbs on-set behind faux fences and barbed wire — plus "chickas".

Maybe it’s just me, but I thought it was wildly amusing. Further, I officially annoint Colbert as the most talented & creative comedian on cable TV.

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  1. innerdaemon says:

    Actually this interview is a re-cast – Colbert spliced the original interview with Dobbs (where he was played his regular character) and overlaid the interview with his spanish character. Here is the original segment:
    Still, very funny (maybe he should have done this the first time)!

  2. dub dub says:

    @innerdaemon — yep! you can tell when they shake hands — the guest’s sleeve differs from dobbs’ pinstripe, and there’s a (definitely intentional) cutaway showing colbert’s hand holding/not holding a pen.

  3. That is a funny clip – he is a talented comedian. Im surprised he kept the character all the way through. Lou Dobbs is a pretty savy guy as well – he certainly understands the freedoms we enjoy and wants to protect them.

  4. redneck says:

    In SC the big problem illegal alien but they vote MR amnesty JUAN MC CAIN…talk about stupid to many drunk redneck u get screwing….soon,and u got grham senator bussy make deal with LA RAZA they must be never watch tv mc cain kennedy..american be come gullible.
    Thanks Lou